You always knew you were smart. But for some reason seemingly simple things that came easily to other people were a challenge for you. Living with undiagnosed ADHD you managed  the best you could but life was a struggle. Time after time you were told that you weren’t living up to your potential. It is understandable how a life-long string of disappointments could make it hard to believe in your dreams. I understand because that is my story.

Once you’re diagnosed everything seems to change–at last you have an explanation for the problems you’ve faced over the years. You learn all you can about ADHD and you start meds but you’re still stuck. Because everything hasn’t changed. You’ve moved forward but your way of thinking about the world hasn’t caught up. You now need to create a new story for yourself–one that acknowledges your challenges but also your great strengths. Now is the time to reinvent yourself drawing on your talents, your values, your new-found ADHD knowledge and even your long forgotten dreams. These elements are powerful separately but when they’re aligned with each other there is an even more powerful synergy created.

Coaching helps move you forward on this new journey.  And that is why I am an ADHD coach.